Our creations are handmade with simple processes and nonGMO, plant-based ingredients.
We make soap by hand in small batches (30 bars at a time) using only olive, coconut, and canola oils saponified with food-grade sodium hydroxide. The natural glycerin we leave inside our soap helps to keep your skin soft and hydrated, effectively cleansing with moisturizing, velvety lathers. Each batch has a unique blend of essential oils, designed to release stress and bring balance to our lives. The same essential oil blends are also mixed into our hand-poured, soy wax candles. We use only nonGMO, plant-based resources, artful, simple packaging, and repurposed containers.
Live Conscious.
We keep things clean and pure, never adding extra ingredients, avoiding palm oil like the plague, and treating animals as equals.
Honest Hands believes in the power of educating consumers. As communities of informed buyers, we are more aware of our true impact. Through living and working consciously, we become great instruments of positive change. We begin to slow down and consider our options more deeply, learning about the process of making—where things come from and of what they are made. We find ways to spend our money and our time more effectively, and we start to surround ourselves with things to help us heal.
Stay Fresh.
Always an opportunity for something new with our small batch production.
Things move pretty fast here at Honest Hands. We only make 30 bars of each scent. With our recent move towards zero-packaging, each bar is now labeled simply with a batch number etching. You can check the aroma of your bar below or visit our Soap Batch List page for more detailed descriptions of each blend.
36 Cedarwood / Rosemary / Apricot Shells
35 Ginger / Basil
34 Geranium / Lime / Apricot Shells
33 Peppermint / Palmarosa
32 Lemon / Peppermint
31 Ginger / Bergamot / Coffee
30 Lavender / Eucalyptus
29 Grapefruit / Palmarosa / Chia Seeds
28 Lemon / Ginger / Chia Seeds
27 Citronella / Geranium
26 Rosemary / Palmarosa / Coffee
25 Lemon / Rosemary
24 Coffee / Peppermint
23 Geranium / Rosemary
22 Grapefruit / Lavender
21 Simply Soap
20 Bergamot / Lavender
19 Lavender / Peppermint
18 Lemongrass
17 Geranium / Palmarosa
16 Ginger / Bergamot
15 Grapefruit / Geranium
14 Rosemary / Palmarosa
13 Lemon / Lavender
12 Sage
11 Cedarwood / Tangerine / Peppermint
10 Camphor / Spearmint / Lavender
9 Peppermint / Clove / Ground Cinnamon
8b Lavender / Sage / Lime
8a Cedarwood / Pine Needle / Rosemary
7 Tangerine / Camphor / Lime / Oats
6 Lavender / Pine Needle / Coffee
5 Peppermint / Cedarwood / Cinnamon Bark
4 Cedarwood / Clove / Spearmint
3 Cinnamon Cassia / Sage / Coffee
2 Eucalyptus / Peppermint / Coffee
1 Tangerine / Lavender / Oats
Share Everything.
We are partners in business, love, and life.
Our surrender to conscious working started in the spring of 2013, when we met, fell in love and made our first batch of soap. We were building Create What You Crave, a hands-on workshop series aimed at cultivating a community of educated consumers. It was soon after we started sharing our simple, six-ingredient soap with our friends and family, educating everyone we could on the benefits of knowing what's inside the stuff you consume. Specifically, we found ourselves promoting nonGMO, palm oil-free, and vegan production as a way to sustain our lives while at the same time keeping our bodies, hearts, minds and environment pure, clean and safe. We realized the product had became the vessel for communication.

That was all while living and working in our tiny studio on Denver Street in Salt Lake City. Several cities and studios later, we now live and work on Long Island, still making and locally distributing small batch soap and other wares for conscious living.

Our work is always honest, simple, and made with our hands and hearts. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

Love and Light, Namaste!

Michael & Roxi
Support Honest.
We all survive on Love.
If you know us, you know how we do. We truly love simple and live conscious. Each day we continue to integrate new sustainable practices into our life routine. We hope you are inspired and empowered to use more simple processes, basic renewable resources, and recycled materials to create what you crave while achieving balance in your body, mind, and soul. There is such abundance surrounding us. With a bit of patience, discipline, an open heart, and overwhelming Love, we can have it all.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude for your love and support of Honest Hands. Your sincere contributions have made our success possible. Community is the most important part of our living and our livelihood. We believe in each person's innate ability to spread joy and positively impact those around them. From the center of our hearts to yours, Thank you! Om Shanti, Love and Light, Namaste!

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