Welcome Friends!
We started Honest Hands six years
ago with one aim: LOVE SIMPLE.
The idea was to share our overwhelming, unconditional love for all beings. We wanted to help others live more simply and mindfully. Communities help strengthen and support ideas, so we began to gather groups together to talk about the things we consume—where they come from, what's inside them, and how they are made.
We asked: How can we Create What We Crave?
With hands-on, informative workshops, we encouraged personal responsibility. We hoped educated consumers would consider the broader impact of their choices—not only on themselves, their loved ones, and their future, but also on the world at large. Maybe we could help people remember to learn the story of their stuff. Maybe we could cultivate a sense of interconnectedness. Maybe we would begin to make choices with truly positive impacts. Maybe we really did have the power and the patience to create all that we craved.
Our first creation was our six ingredient soap.
Much more than a product, our soap would be a vehicle to introduce revolutionary ideas about consumption. We continue each day, still sharing this soap with everyone we know. Made from purely plant-based oils, and free of unsustainable ingredients like chemicals, GMOs, palm-oil, excessive wrapping, and animal parts, it is as honest as our hands can make.

Together, we can learn to live consciously.
As a society, our current consumer habits simply cannot be sustained. The earth and its population are stressed—really stressed—but there is so much we can do right now to make things better fast. We can start to make different choices. We can recognize every dollar we spend is a vote—a vote for every part and process of what we're buying. We can reduce our purchase of packaged and processed goods. We can learn to create what we need from only healthful, renewable ingredients. We can share. We can consider the environment. We can seek used, simple, and repurposed products. We can act from a place of security, knowing we have enough.
From the simple love we started with, today our aim has expanded.
We realize for all beings to live with peace and ease, we need more conscious awareness. Each day we continue to work for the benefit of others, cultivating simple processes, sustainable routines, and healthful living practices. It is through the sharing of our boon that we hope to inspire and empower our community to care for each other, care for the earth, and share their surplus.
We give everything we possibly can away for free.
We never host advertisements, use marketing teams or work in fancy manufacturing facilities either. We are simple people trying to untangle a complex knot. If you appreciate what we do, and have the means, we have an outlet for your generosity. At our online market you can choose from all our current soap batches, order some inspirational postcards, make donations to our Dāna Funds, and sign up for community events on Long Island. You can also support us simply by liking our content when it pops up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. This helps us stay connected with our friends across the world. We all do survive on the Love of others.

Together we can learn to love simple, live conscious,
share everything, and support honest.

Love, Light and Peace to All Beings Everywhere,

Michael & Roxi